Carried Closer to the Creator

Fred Wahpepah
[from newsletter 11]

There is nothing better than to be in ceremony. That's when you feel you're doing something right, and that feels good. You are closer to the Creator and you are carried away with Spirit embracing you. Whatever the ceremony—Stomp dance of the Southeastern Indians, Sweat lodge, harvesting willow, Sundance, Tipi Way, home-blessings, naming ceremonies, weddings, Vision Quest, adoption ceremonies, Solstice/Equinox/seasonal changes, Healing ceremonies, blessings of small children, adoption ceremonies, rain dance of the Hopi, Pipe ceremonies, blessing of sacred pipes—all this and many, many more: Air, Fire, Water and Mother Earth—we all know.

I have met people who don't need ceremony. My thoughts are that ceremonies are guidelines to a better quality of life, much like the twelve-step program of AA is a guideline to sobriety. My Mother was such a person; she didn't follow the Christian way as a lot of Indians do, nor did she go the Indian way. What was hers was yours. She personified hospitality, giving and caring, and was easy to laugh with. She had a true heart. We've all known people like that.

All Indian ceremonies are Earth ceremonies. The ceremonies are a gift from the Creator as we honor the Earth and our Mother. These gifts are meant to be shared by all of the Creator's children. Yes, some Indians covet their tribal ways; can you blame them? It's been suggested by some Elders and some medicine people that we share these ways, to bring more awareness. It's mentioned that what we don't share are our clan medicine bundles. Why? Because they are so old, nobody these days knows what they contain. Wow!

Good things have come around in the last twenty five years. The U.S. Government finally gave the Indians permission to pray. Many ceremonies came out of hiding with the "Freedom of Religion Act."

There are also the subtle ceremonies, like children playing and playing with them. Relationships expressing love. A person taking time to pray for relatives, humanity and Mother Earth. Enjoying the sunrises, sunsets, the new and full moons, and all of the heavens—you know what I mean. How about those frogs and crickets at night, and when you see the mating season of life of all creatures.

Ceremony acknowledges our Creator with dance, songs, instruments, herbs, prayers of thanksgiving, humility and being in awe as we contemplate what it's all about. Mother Earth is our church, and at any given time, as far as we can see is our altar. Ceremony is healing!

A Ho, Fred Wahpepah

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