Seven Circles' Pipe Ceremonies

The"Chanupa" or Sacred Pipe, considered by many Native peoples to be the single most sacred item used in ceremony. It is used in many good ways and its presence at a ceremony helps keep the ceremony focused. The Pipe Ceremonies hosted by Seven Circles is similar to a "talking circle" where people are supported in speaking from their hearts. The ceremony leader helps hold the sanctity of the space while the participants speak about their lives and community concerns. Once all participants have spoken, the Sacred Pipe is passed around so that everyone can "put their prayers into the pipe." Once the pipe is "loaded" with these prayers it is smoked to release the prayers and set them in motion. A tobaccoless smoking mixture, kinnickkinnick, is used in this ceremony.

Seven Circles is currently hosting Pipe Ceremonies in West Marin. As with all ceremonies, bring food for the sacred feast afterwards, and a plate, a cup & silverware. We wish to honor the Earth by ceasing to use paper goods and plastic utensils

Schedule of Ceremonies

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