Recovery Ceremonies:

Recovery Ceremonies (originally called Sweats for People In Recovery) is a program we've been involved in for a number of years now. It involves bringing the Sacred Pipe, and the Sweat Lodge to people in early recovery from substance abuse at a rehabilitation facility in Marin County.

People in recovery programs are naturally at risk of returning to substance abuse. We have found Native led Sweat Lodges can inspire folks in recovery to stay clean - and can give them a valuable connection with community, culture and nature as well. Our work with recovering individuals has also proven the strength of a simpler ceremony involving the Sacred Pipe, or Chanunpa.

A Sweat Lodge is like a sauna in a darkened space, coupled with a prayer meeting. People are encouraged to pray aloud, to their own understanding of God, Creator, or their Higher Power - all religions are welcomed in this nondenominational spiritual ceremony. Sitting in the dark, in the purifying sweat, people can become transformed. We also present Pipe Ceremonies, involving the Chanunpa, or Sacred Pipe. In this ceremony we encourage people to share and to pray from their hearts. There is no marijuana, or tobacco in this pipe -just kinnick-kinnick, a native herb mixture that includes the inner bark of red willow. Both ceremonies can add to the good work so many of us have done in recovery programs - we have hundreds of recovering addicts who now would agree.

For more information, or if you would like to help us, please contact us: Seven Circles Foundation P.O. Box 559 Lagunitas, Ca. 94938
Michael Stocker 415 - 488 - 0553

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