Seven Circles' Sundance

The Sundance is a ceremony that takes place in the summer months. The Sundancers commit to a four-year long prayer centered around annual four-day dances. During the dance, the Sundancers fast and do not drink water. They dance around the tree of life - usually a cottonwood tree draped and wrapped with thousands of "prayer ties" representing their sacrefice and commitment to the life of all people. Many Sundancers will pierce their body and connect themselves to the tree during the dance. The Sundance also involves supporting friends and family who surround the dancers as they pray and fast encircling the Tree of Life. The Seven Circles community has supported and participated in the Four Nations Sundance near Medford, Oregon established by the late Martin High Bear and the Sundance at Pilot Rock in the Summer of 1998.

For more information, contact Fred at (510) 222-3822

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