Seven Circles' Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

The Sweat Lodge is probably the most recognized of all Native American Ceremonies. While there are as many ways to conduct this ceremony as there are sweatlodge leaders, there are many elements that are consistent with all Sweat Lodges. The lodge itself is built from willow saplings or some other supple wood frame. This frame is in the form of a half-dome and covered with blankets and tarps. When completely covered, it can be very dark inside, even in the daylight. Adjacent to the lodge is a fire pit used to heat up rocks. These rocks are usually volcanic and are called "Stone People," they represent our oldest living relatives. When the stones are good and hot, they are brought into the lodge where the participants have gathered. Water is poured onto the Stones creating steam. The Sweat Leader holds the sacred space and helps the participants with prayer and songs. In most of the Seven Circles lodges, the ceremony within the lodge is somewhat akin to a "talking circle." Participants are invited to speak from their hearts about their life and their community concerns. This is a ceremony of purification and prayer. In the heat and the darkness of the lodge, we can come closer to ourselves, closer to Creator, and closer to understanding each other.

If you attend one of our "Sweats," please feel free to ask any questions you may have. There are always hospitable folks around ready to make you feel welcome. Kids are encouraged to attend, and while most of our lodges are "co-ed" there are also "Men-only" and "Women-only" events.

Bring a towel and loose clothes you can wear into the lodge. As with all ceremonies, bring food for the sacred feast afterwards, and a plate, a cup & silverware. We wish to honor the Earth by ceasing to use paper goods and plastic utensils.

Schedule of Ceremonies

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